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SciOS Scientific Operating Systems GmbH is a research, development and consulting company located in Gachnang, Switzerland (founded 1998).

Central Business Names Index

SciOS Scientific Operating Systems GmbH in Gachnang, 
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, CH-440.4.011.723-4 
(EHRA-Id: 442567.)

Core business (2016)
  • Expert systems XSI/CLIPS/COOL
  • Development of scientific software (incl. equipment drivers)
  • Manufacturing of mass spectrometers
  • AI Systems (e.g. IOT, KR, NLP)
  • Computer algebra and automated theorem proving
  • Scientific data processing (management, delivery, conversion, reviewing)
  • IT Consulting (especially HRA, HPC)
  • Publishing
  • Courses (on demand)
  • and a lot more …

Details can be found in the main pages at the corresponding subdomains.

Some Hardware History

From 1998-2004 SciOS manufactured servers and high performance computer systems (paraBUS 8/16, Uni*Versa APS, Ultra SiMPLeX, Viper 770, HA Servers …) running SuSE Linux with PVM/MPI and a self written load balancer software. Some Linux servers for the public market were built in cooperation with HJ Computers in Fürth (Germany).

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