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- XSI/CLIPS Documentation
- MortyPad 0.5.2 1)

- XSI/SoRTy released (BSD)
- IPython 0.12 (QT console) can now be used with XSI/CAS ( ipy_tex)
- Axiom documentation volume set (600dpi, djvu) and as online book.
- sympyprt an IPython extension to render sympy TeX output (qtconsole/notebook). (pub on GitHub)
- All HG repos moved to (BitBucket). SVN/Git as usual. Logins same as on GitHub.
- PyXSI XSI/CLIPS in Python
- Attempto Python interface to the APE Webservice (alpha)
- All doc strings converted to YAML. Serialize with PyYaml.load_all
- LinkGrammar and libXSIClips released as beta.
- New frontends for AXIOM: web → jQuery/AJAX/CodeMirror and ConsTeX (generic TeX console)

- Axiom plugin suite 1.1 for WikidPad, IPython Qt/Nb, TeXmacs, WAX.
- Python Power Shell [wx], Rel. 10-JUL-2012

more sites …

download from the research site, OpenAxiomFilter is included
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